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    any more examples?


    many thanks it is interesting to know more about matlab 🙂


    Nice topic I was searching for this matter long time ago. thanks


    You might try
    country: Malaysia
    IMEN-Nano photonic,
    they have alot interesting projects+ good equipment+ supportive supervisor and caring.
    you can check it online and see what do they have in IMEN.


    same problem goes here!!!!!


    Dear Damian, any more detail? many thanks


    nice, version 13!!! i like it 🙂


    I have the same issue, my colleagues told me one thing can influence is the performance of your computer I mean your ram or even your CPU, cause is because we are using beam propagation method. if you found a way to solve this matter please share, thanks.


    how about chanigng the amplitude?
    what is the exact finctionality, looks good, interesting….


    I believe the example for MZI suppose to be more in BPM and much more interesting might be electro optical example should update, it is interesting to see more example from BPM,


    with s bend still I can see alot loss how to fix this? would you please let me know is there any optimization in this software or not and how to use optimization? thanks


    the sweeping is interesting however I cannot see anybody interest in electro optic, may be BPM need some upgrading for this kind of modules, and as far as we cannot dope any region this will make problem in this area of study….


    samples some of the times can make your design faster just changing some parameters or some geometry then you can have your results


    nice discussion


    what is this would you please give us some detail about it? thanks