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Optiwave’s extensive software suite has major applications that extend far beyond the commercial sphere. Researchers in various industries have been relying on Optiwave software for training, testing, and research. Our publications archive covers Optiwave software usage in research journals, periodicals, conference papers, and more. You can use this archive to find quick references for your research, including:

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If you’d like to learn more about Optiwave’s software or photonics in general, you can use these resources to learn straight from the experts.

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Detailed software manuals built from the ground up for beginners and experts alike. Our manuals cover basic installation procedures before moving on to step-by-step application guides, including visual aids.



We provide hands-on training services for organizations that want to improve their engineers’ photonics proficiency. Our customized syllabus allows us to adapt to your unique requirements.


Knowledge Base

The Optiwave Knowledge Base is your one-stop destination for everything photonics. This hub includes everything from guides and manuals to the unique applications of our photonics software.

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Do I need to pay to watch photonics webinars?
No. We generally upload the full recording of all of our webinars to YouTube. You can watch them for free at your leisure.

Are webinars useful for beginners to photonics?
Absolutely! You don’t have to be a subject expert to view and learn from a webinar. Our webinars can cover both fundamentals and applied photonics in detail, and they’re suitable for a wide variety of viewers.

How can I try out photonics software for free?
Optiwave offers a 30-day free evaluation for all of its photonics simulation software. If you’re just learning about photonics or looking to get into commercial applications, you can use the evaluation to get familiar with the software and its features.