OptiSystem: Comprehensive Optical System Design Software

OptiSystem is an innovative, rapidly evolving, and powerful optical system design software. As our flagship product, it has 600 different components that can be combined to simulate different outcomes. It allows users to carefully plan, test, and simulate nearly all kinds of optical links within the transmission layer, encompassing a wide range of optical networks from SAN, LAN, and MAN to ultra-long-haul.

Additionally, it provides streamlined design and planning for the transmission layer of optical communication systems, showcasing analyses and scenarios visually, from individual components to complete systems. Learn more about this powerful photonics design software from Optiwave.

Built With Superior Functionality &Unique Capabilities in Mind

The photonics industry is where innovation, precision, and pace align. Amidst this dynamic environment, OptiSystem emerges as a cutting-edge tool for those seeking to design, simulate, and analyze optical systems efficiently. Its design ethos and capabilities, developed with an acute understanding of the industry’s needs, make it not just an optical system design software but a comprehensive solution. Here’s a closer look at what sets OptiSystem apart:

  • Streamlined Workflow
    At the heart of OptiSystem is its user-centric design. The software boasts an intuitive interface accompanied by modules that accommodate both newcomers and seasoned professionals. This ensures that regardless of expertise level, users can harness the full power of OptiSystem with ease.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
    In an industry where precision often translates to high costs, OptiSystem is a game-changer. By streamlining the design process, this optical system design software significantly trims down both temporal and monetary investments, ensuring that projects remain on schedule and within budget.
  • Diverse Component Library
    The versatility of OptiSystem is truly showcased by its expansive component library. Housing over 600 components, users are able to simulate an almost infinite array of optical links and scenarios, making it a veritable playground for optical design.
  • Award-winning Pedigree
    Excellence is not just a claim; it’s validated by accolades. OptiSystem has been consistently recognized by industry experts for its pioneering approach and unmatched capabilities, cementing its reputation as a premier optical system design software in the photonics domain.
  • Comprehensive Analysis
    Beyond design and simulation, OptiSystem offers users robust analytical tools. These tools allow for visual representations of various scenarios, enabling users to make informed decisions and ensuring that the final outcomes are nothing short of optimal.
  • Adaptable Evolution
    The realm of photonics is ever-evolving, and so is OptiSystem. The software mirrors the latest trends and innovations in optical communication through constant updates. This ensures that users are always equipped with cutting-edge tools and features, helping them stay ahead of the curve.


We Provide Innovative Photonics Design Automation Tools

Since our inception in 1994, Optiwave has been at the forefront of the photonics industry. As a small yet experienced company, our dedication to innovation has never wavered. We take pride in crafting advanced photonics design automation tools, with OptiSystem being our core solution. Our goal is to continually empower our users with groundbreaking and intuitive tools, ensuring they remain ahead in their respective fields.

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