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Sensor technologies are a rapidly growing topic in science and product design, embracing electronics, photonics, mechanics, chemistry, and biology developments.

The presence of optical fiber sensing, including sound, movement, optical, or magnetic signals, is widespread in everyday life. The demand for portable and lightweight sensors is relentless, filling various needs in consumer electronics, biomedical engineering, and military applications.

Create Better Sensors with Optiwave

Optiwave’s applications can be used to design and simulate state-of-the-art optical sensors for a range of industries, from electronics to healthcare. For example, programs like OptiMode can simulate photonic crystal fiber sensors, which, in turn, can be used to create temperature sensors. Similarly, this application also supports the simulation of complex fiber Bragg grating sensors for strain sensing.

Below, you’ll find all the resources you need to learn more about optical fiber sensor applications with Optiwave. Our archive covers step-by-step tutorials, quick design basics for mirror sensors, and exciting ideas to help you get started with your testing.

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What can optical sensing be used for?
Sensing can be used for practically most real-world applications. For instance, biochemical sensors can be used to monitor the interaction of light with chemical molecules, and they’re often used in healthcare. Programs like OptiBPM were built from the ground up to facilitate the simulation and design of highly efficient sensors, and they can be used to simulate the passage of light in highly complex situations.

Can I use optical fiber sensing applications as a beginner?
Optiwave’s products are intuitive and designed to be used by a wide range of people. Whether you’re a budding researcher or an experienced scientist, you can benefit from our cutting-edge optical fiber simulation software. If you’d like to see it for yourself, start a free 30-day evaluation today or contact one of our experts!

How can I learn more about optical sensors?
We offer an extensive repository of helpful information for both beginners and experts. You can check out our base of documentation to find detailed guides for sensors or head over to our webinar section to get an interactive look at everything that’s possible with Optiwave.