OptiFiber: Cutting-edge Optical Fiber Design

The optimal design of a given optical communication system depends directly on the choice of optical fiber parameters. Dimensions of the fiber cross-section, material composition, and refractive index profile all influence important linear and non-linear phenomena. OptiFiber uses numerical mode solvers and other models specialized to fibers for calculating dispersion, losses, birefringence, and PMD.

a program showing optical fiber design and a graph

OptiFiber’s ability to help manufacturers optimize a particular design depending on their goals opens the door for numerous applications, from performing a simple single-mode fiber simulation to supplementing real lab devices like an NR-9200 Optical Fiber Analyzer. OptiFiber melds an intuitive user interface with an incredible set of capabilities to build a smooth experience for engineers, scientists, and students alike.

You can get a bird’s eye look at everything OptiFiber can do from our overview video below or master OptiFiber with the provided tutorials. Our materials cover everything from optical fiber parameters to rudimentary toolbar commands. Learn how to define a fiber profile to run a simulation for an annular ring profile and how to optimize it for zero dispersion at 1550 nm with our powerful OptiFiber.

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What are some applications of optical fiber design programs?

Effective programs like OptiFiber can prepare engineers for real-world applications using powerful simulations that can account for every important parameter. Users can adjust their simulations depending on their required wavelength and optimize for zero-dispersion for great real-world results.

OptiFiber can also be used for education and research thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive set of documentation and tutorials. Both students and researchers can experiment with new optical fiber parameters to explore old concepts covered in the classroom.

How can I learn more about optical fiber as a beginner?

Optiwave makes it easy for engineers and researchers of all levels to get a hang of OptiFiber. You can browse our detailed manuals for a step-by-step guide, or go through our OptiFiber videos for a visual walkthrough.

How can I troubleshoot my optical fiber simulations?

Optiwave customers will have direct access to the dev/support team if they have any questions during the 30-day evaluation period. Since we are a smaller company, our team can provide hands-on support for any problems you might face.

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