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      Faezeh Fesharaki

      That would be nice if Optiwave can calculate the driving voltage of the modulator directly (without applying and sweeping the Voltage).

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      Sushank Chaudhary

      You can measure the power in dBm and watts by using power analyzer available in OptiSystem component library. Not only this, OptiSpice is the software in which you can change the properties of optical modulators by using electrical domain. It consist of both electrical as well as optical library. Also after designing in OptiSpice, you can export your circuit to Optisyste for the evaluation of performance in optical communication system.


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      Tony Jose

      Thanks for the info Sushank. 🙂

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      Sushank Chaudhary

      You are most welcome Toni 😉

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      mohammed mostafa

      thanks Sushank

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      I almost need the same thing, but in my case I have MZI and I need to drive the voltage in it, another thing is, one is just pure N-doped silicon another one is PiN silicon, so far I could not see any ability in this software in case of drift current and charge carrier.
      wish this things would be consider one day …

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      any idea?

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      the sweeping is interesting however I cannot see anybody interest in electro optic, may be BPM need some upgrading for this kind of modules, and as far as we cannot dope any region this will make problem in this area of study….

Viewing 7 reply threads
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