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Test Equipment For Photonics

Accurate and automatic testing equipment is a must-have for any business or researcher interested in optical fiber communication. The right equipment and software can help users determine if their designs are effective enough to achieve their goals, and even a single error can lead to lengthy troubleshooting.

OptiInstrument makes testing effortless with invaluable features like remote testing and control using SCPI commands. This software has specifically been built from the ground up to meet the needs of researchers and photonic engineers, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to pick up and use.

Our software can be used in a variety of different fields, from environmental testing, where remote communication is crucial, to the post-processing of previously saved signals. OptiInstrument allows for the integration of testing equipment from different fields like photonics and electronics, combined with powerful software simulation tools that make automatic testing seamless. Learn more about testing and measurement with the links below.

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Why is test equipment important for optical communication?
Testing instruments help researchers and scientists measure the exact properties of the equipment they’re working with. This could be anything from the power and wavelength from an emitter to the dispersion in optical fiber. Accurate testing can help businesses monitor the progress of their projects and make timely adjustments for the best results.

Can I use testing software before buying it?
Yes. Optiwave offers an extensive 30-day free evaluation period for testing software like OptiInstrument and our other tools. If you’re interested in precise testing, you can use the free period to get comfortable with OptiInstrument and see what it can do for your organization.

Do I need a powerful system to run test equipment?
Optiwave offers highly optimized automated testing software that can run on legacy hardware up to a limit. Check out our system requirements to see if your system meets the minimum requirements. You can also use our cloud compute service to upload your documents and have the cloud run the testing/simulation for you.