Photonics Software Engineer

Job description/Responsibilities

We are looking for a candidate to join the software development team working on expanding the capabilities of OptiSPICE and improving product integration.

Summary of responsibilities

  • Contribute to software development of OptiSPICE and OptiSPICE Plugin
  • Create and integrate simulation tools for building optoelectronic compact models
  • Work with 3rd parties on product development and integration
  • Expand compact model library supporting various PIC manufacturer PDK’s
  • Oversee collaborative projects between Optiwave and other companies/academia
  • Prepare technical documentation
  • Build application examples demonstrating product features
  • Give product demos and presentations
  • Provide customer support for OptiSPICE and related products

Job Requirements

  • Experience in numerical methods for optics and electronics
  • Intermediate knowledge of C++, Matlab and Python
  • Proficiency in Visual Studio and Git
  • Knowledge in software development on Linux
  • Fast learner with excellent debugging skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills



  • Masters/PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • Experience with IC EDA tools (Mentor Graphics Tanner, Cadence Virtuoso or equivalent)
  • Familiarity with optical/electrical IC circuit design & fabrication process
  • Understanding of numerical methods for analog circuits (modified nodal analysis), 2D/3D EM and semiconductor physics
  • Knowledge in optical/electrical telecommunication systems
  • Analog circuit design experience

Please send your Resume to: