OptiSPICE: Optoelectronic Circuit Simulation

OptiSPICE, a premier product from Optiwave, enables the design and simulation of optoelectronic circuits at the transistor level, encompassing a broad spectrum of components from laser drivers to transimpedance amplifiers, optical interconnects, and electronic equalizers. As the first circuit design software to analyze integrated circuits incorporating both optical and electronic components, OptiSPICE stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Our tool is critical in driving advancements in various sectors, including fiber optic communication, sensing, and more. Optiwave’s dedication to pioneering integrated optoelectronic solutions is evident in OptiSPICE, reflecting our expertise and leadership in the field of optoelectronic systems.

PC windows showing the OptiSPICE program.

Bridging the Gap Between Photonics and Electronics

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronics and photonics, OptiSPICE is an indispensable tool, providing a robust simulation framework essential for the coexistence of electrical and optical components at the chip and board level. This advanced optoelectronic circuit simulation software suite is designed to deliver accurate and efficient predictions of signal behavior in optoelectronic integrated circuits and boards, ensuring high-quality design and reliability.

Key features and benefits:

  • Self-Consistent Solutions: OptiSPICE excels in generating solutions for circuits that encompass both optical and electrical feedback, offering a comprehensive view of the system’s performance.
  • Integrated Design Platform: It serves as a one-stop solution for parameter extraction, schematic capture, optoelectronic circuit simulation, and waveform analysis, streamlining the design process and enhancing productivity.
  • Wide Application Spectrum: OptiSPICE’s versatility is evident in its wide range of applications, including:
    • Tanner Plugin Integration for streamlined design workflows.
    • Advanced simulations for Nano Photonic Imagers, Ring Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscopes and Lidar systems.
    • Critical components like Optical Phase Locked Loops for Analog Homodyne Detection and high-speed modulators like the 40 Gbps Silicon Depletion Mode TW Modulator.
    • Innovative applications in Channel Switching Circuits, MEMS-based solutions, Electroabsorption Modulators, Ring Switches, VCSEL Arrays, and Power Control Designs.
  • Learning and Support: To ensure users can maximize the potential of OptiSPICE, Optiwave provides an extensive array of tutorials and videos. These resources are designed to help new and experienced users understand the software’s capabilities and apply them effectively in their projects.


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