OptiBPM is a computer-aided design software tool enabling design of complex optical waveguides, which perform guiding, coupling, switching, splitting, multiplexing, and demultiplexing of optical signals in photonic devices. OptiBPM is based on the Beam Propagation Method (BPM) of simulating the passage of light through any waveguide medium, both isotropic and anisotropic. With OptiBPM you can observe the near field distribution and examine the radiation and guided field, simultaneously.

OptiBPM can improve a design engineer’s productivity, reduce risk, and lower overall costs related to design of waveguide devices.

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OptiSystem is a comprehensive software design suite that enables users to plan, test, and simulate optical links in the transmission layer of modern optical networks.

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OptiSPICE is the first circuit design software for analysis of integrated circuits including interactions of optical and electronic components. It allows for the design and simulation of opto-electronic circuits at the transistor level, from laser drivers to transimpedance amplifiers, optical interconnects and electronic equalizers.

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OptiInstrument is designed to addresses the needs of researchers, scientists, photonic engineers, professors and students who are working with instruments.

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Emerging as a de facto standard over the last decade, OptiGrating has delivered powerful and user friendly design software for modeling integrated and fiber optic devices that incorporate optical gratings.

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The optimal design of a given optical communication system depends directly on the choice of fiber parameters. OptiFiber uses numerical mode solvers and other models specialized to fibers for calculating dispersion, losses, birefringence, and PMD.

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OptiFDTD is a powerful, highly integrated, and user friendly CAD environment that enables the design and simulation of advanced passive and non-linear photonic components.

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