OptiBPM: Optical Waveguide Design

OptiBPM is a computer-aided design software tool enabling the design of complex optical waveguides, which perform guiding, coupling, switching, splitting, multiplexing, and demultiplexing of optical signals in photonic devices. This Beam Propagation Method (BPM) software simulates the passage of light through any waveguide medium, both isotropic and anisotropic. With OptiBPM you can observe the near field distribution and examine the radiation and guided field, simultaneously.

OptiBPM can improve a design engineer’s productivity, reduce risk, and lower overall costs related to the design of waveguide devices.

optical waveguide design software

Optiwave has designed OptiBPM to be a robust solution with applications in a range of fields. OptiBPM can help engineers design lossless optical fiber systems with optimal dispersion, from photonic crystal fiber temperature sensing to power combiners.

Get a quick overview of our beam propagation software covering key features like electro-optical solvers and isotropic simulations from the overview video below.

Or check out our detailed step-by-step tutorials and documentation. Complex optical waveguide design can be challenging for newer students and even seasoned engineers. We have designed a series of in-depth tutorials to help users of all skill ranges get the hang of OptiBPM’s basic features.



Do I need to be an expert to use OptiBPM?

We have designed OptiBPM to be easily accessible for anyone interested in designing optical waveguides or simply learning about optical fiber design. New users can use our knowledge base and tutorials to get up to speed, and our small team of devs is also happy to offer their assistance if needed.

You can also post your questions on our active community forums to quickly get your queries solved by other experts and enthusiasts.

Do I need a powerful PC for optical fiber design?

Optiwave’s robust software can run remarkably well on most systems, with light system requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the particular software you are trying to run – learn more about our system requirements here.

Can I try beam propagation software before buying?

We offer a lengthy 30-day evaluation for all users. Try out OptiBPM’s extensive feature set for your organization today.

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