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  • ofc 2015 - small

    OFC 2017:
    Booth #2947

    March 21-23

    The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is the largest global conference and exhibition for…

  • VFEM-accuracy-01

    VFEM Accuracy
    and Advantages

    January 20, 2017

    As optical systems move towards an integrated platform, the modelling of high refractive index contrast, sub-wavelength dimension…

  • OptiSystem-14-2-Fig4

    OptiSystem 14.2

    January 19, 2017

    OptiSystem 14.2 includes several new components and component enhancements including new Uniform FBG Sensor and…

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    Webinar: VFEM
    Accuracy & Advantages

    Jan 26, 2017 11:00AM EST

    Webinar: Vector Finite Element Method – Accuracy & Advantages on Jan 26, 2017 11:00 AM EST

  • photonics-west-2017

    Photonics West
    2017: Booth #3056

    January 31 - February 2

    Participate in the world’s largest multidisciplinary event focusing on photonics technologies…

  • featured-bpm13

    OptiBPM 13

    November 28, 2016

    This release of OptiBPM updates all features to a 64 bit application. It also introduces new materials and a new profile…

  • fig5

    OptiSPICE 5.2

    November 15, 2016

    OptiSPICE 5.2 includes several enhancements including new models and devices, improvements to the simulator performance and…

  • avfop-2016

    AVFOP 2016

    Nov 1-3

    The aerospace & vetronics industries have made great strides in recent years deploying fiber optics and photonics technology on commercial and military platforms…

  • fiber22

    OptiFiber 2.2

    August 29, 2016

    In this release, the effective area is calculated for every selected mode, and the results are displayed in a table…

  • OptiFDTD 13 Fig 4

    OptiFDTD 13.0

    July 22, 2016

    In this major release of OptiFDTD we have introduced graphical user interface enhancements and design flow improvements to the…

  • OECC 2016 - feature

    OECC 2016

    July 4-6

    OECC has a long tradition and is a leading international conference for researchers and engineers working in the fields of optoelectronics…

  • system-15-roadmap-feature

    Product Roadmaps:
    OptiSystem 15 & OptiSPICE 6

    June 3, 2016

    Read and review the latest roadmap plans for OptiSystem & OptiSPICE. Releases that are “Under consideration” are not committed…

  • ECOC 2016 - feature

    ECOC 2016:
    Booth #391

    September 19-21

    The ECOC Exhibition is the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe, held each September in a different European city…

  • defense and commercial sensing

    SPIE Defense
    and Commercial Sensing 2016

    April 19-21

    SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Expo (formerly SPIE DSS) is the key exhibition for researchers, engineers, product developers…

  • ofc 2016

    OFC 2016:
    Booth #2135

    March 24-26

    OFC is the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. For over 40 years…

  • cloud-licensing

    Cloud Licensing
    “Save Time & Money”

    February 11, 2016

    Cloud Licensing provides up to 50% cost savings vs. standard USB key leases, immediate license availability, and no extra cost or…


  • FDTD_Nanotaper_Feature

    Silicon Nanotapers for Fiber-to-Waveguide Coupling

    Two approaches for coupling light on a high-confinement chip with sub-micron waveguides are gratings or taper couplers. This application example…

  • FDTD_Nanodisk_Feature-2

    Plasmonic Waveguide Filters with Nanodisk Resonators

    Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are waves trapped on the surfaces of metals owing to the interaction between the free electrons in a metal and…

  • RS_FEC_Feature

    BER Analysis of BPSK with RS Encoding

    Demonstrates how to perform bit error rate (BER) testing for a binary phase-shift keyed (BPSK) optical system with Reed Solomon (RS) encoders and decoders.

  • LIDAR_Feature

    LIDAR Systems Design

    OptiSystem is an excellent tool for designing prototype designs of communications and sensor systems. The following application note demonstrates how OptiSystem can be used to design and simulate realistic models for light detection and ranging systems (LIDAR).

  • BER_SER_Feature

    SER & BER Analysis of QAM-PSK-PAM Systems

    Demonstrates how to perform symbol error rate (SER) or bit error rate (BER) testing for higher order modulation systems.

  • Photodiode_Sens_Feature

    Photodiode Sensitivity Modelling

    One of the main working parts of any optical receiver is the photodetector (which converts optical power to an electric current). Either a PIN or APD (avalanche photodiode) photodetector can be used depending on the system performance objectives.

  • Fiber-Optic-Gyroscope-01

    Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) Systems Design

    Fiber optic gyroscopes, using the Sagnac effect, can rapidly and accurately sense changes in orientation (angular velocity) from interferometric measurements. Two open loop detection techniques, DC and phase modulation, are demonstrated using OptiSystem.

  • OneInput

    Power Combiner

    Optical power in two or more waveguides can be combined onto a single waveguide…