Optiwave Releases OptiSystem 21.0




Optiwave Introduces OptiSystem 21.0

OptiSystem Upgrade Boost Simulation Experiences for Optical Systems Design in QKD, Underwater free-space transmission, 5G, LiDAR, Sensors, and other applications.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — 19th Sep 2023— Optiwave Systems Inc., the leading provider of optical component and system design tools, announced today the immediate availability of OptiSystem V21. This version includes adding new components as well as featuring many improvements and enhancements for several existing components. This new version will help the engineers who are working in the QKD, underwater transmission, IoT, 5G, LiDAR, Sensors, FSO, and other optical telecommunication applications to speed up the simulation and optimization process of their designs.

“Eight new components are added, and over twenty new examples have been added to OptiSystem 21.0 Example Library. These examples provide a strong base for Scientists and Engineers to design their own projects. Many added features to the different components made simulation in OptiSystem 21 robust.” Said Dr. Ahmad Atieh, VP of Optical Systems at Optiwave.

  • Enhancements:
    • The values of the optimized filter tabs coefficients in the TDECQ Visualizer are added to the Results of the visualizer.
    • New descriptions for many components are added in the Library Management. The management Library can be accessed from the Tools bar when there is no project opened.
    • Wet and dry snow weather condition attenuation calculation at different wavelength is added to the FSO Weather Condition component.
    • Sequence of bits can be used to control the switching process in the Digital Optical Switch component.
    • New results are added to the Binary Sequnce Visualizer to enable QKD. That includes adding a count of the number of ones and zeros bits in the input sequence.
    • Users can add the layout name when using VB scrip to run their project VB script per that name instead of the old way, where the script can be run only from the active (selected) layout.
    • The Update Visualizers… field accessed from the right click is removed and Enable/Update Visualizers… field is added instead to allow enabling and updating the visualizer at the same time.
    • New results are added to the Dual Port Binary Sequence Visualizer to enable QKD. That includes adding a count of the number of ones and zeros bits for each input port and the number of matched ones and zero between the two ports.
    • Users can calculate the Python/Matlab/Scilab components in OptiSystem project without a need to load a path to Python/Matlab/Scilab files in the component as long as the third-party file exist in the same directory of OptiSystem Project.
    • Non-power of two field is added to the M-ary Raised Cosine Pulse Generator component in the Main tab. The field can be swept, scripted or normal. The parameter is scripted with the global parameter field.
    • Add titles to the component control icons in the GUI toolbar. Currently only the component properties icon has title. The user needs to select a component, then use the icons to access component properties window, component results, component script, component view and component Help in the toolbar.

Upgrade to OptiSystem V21 is free for customers with a valid maintenance contract with Optiwave. To download a free evaluation license, please visit http://optiwave.com/register/. For more information on OptiSystem V21, please email support@optiwave.com

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