OptiMode: Design and Modal Analysis of Waveguide Structures

Modal analysis is pivotal component of modelling optical structures. OptiMode serves as a robust CAD platform for the design and modal analysis of waveguide structures. This tool empowers users to thoroughly examine a broad range of waveguide structures, enables the identification of supported modes, and the determination of key characteristics such as mode profile and effective index.

OptiMode is available both as a stand-alone application and integrated into Optiwave’s component level propagation tools, OptiFDTD and OptiBPM, for use as modal injection in the source components.

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OptiMode empowers engineers and researchers with precise modal analysis, offering insights into mode characteristics, profiles, and effective indices.

Key Features of OptiMode:

1. Modal Analysis Mastery: OptiMode serves as a pivotal component for precise modal analysis, allowing users to identify supported modes and determine critical characteristics such as mode profiles and effective indices.

2. Versatile Applications: OptiMode supports a wide range of applications, including single mode (SMF), multimode (MMF) fibers, planar waveguide design, and complex profiles like Multicore fibers (MCF) and hollow core fibers (HCF).

3. Seamless Integration: Available as a stand-alone application and integrated into Optiwave’s propagation tools, OptiFDTD and OptiBPM. OptiMode enhances design workflows through modal injection as source components.

4. Powerful Solvers: OptiMode features advanced solvers for accurate waveguide analysis, including Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI), Anisotropic waveguides (AnIso), Finite Difference (FD Complex), Finite Element (FEM), and Fiber Solvers (LP or Vector).

5. Material Versatility: Supports constant dielectric, doped materials, diffuse materials, as well as electrodes/electro-optics. OptiMode ensures compatibility with diverse design requirements.


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