New OptiInstrument Software Simplifies Communication and Control in Test and Measurement



OptiInstrument software enables remote communication and control of instruments to simplify and speed up testing and automated measurement and characterization.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Wednesday, July 8, 2020 — Optiwave, a provider of the world’s leading photonics design software, now offers a new software, OptiInstrument. OptiInstrument software is a standalone tool that can be used to communicate and control different instruments through any available communication interface such as TCP/IP, USB, GPIB, or serial port (RS232/RS485). OptiInstrument tool helps researchers, developers, and QA testers to simplify their setups and reduce human interaction. The software allows using alias name for the equipment eliminating the need for the reconfiguration of the communication protocol.

Currently, offered instrumentation automation software in the market by different companies requires qualified software developers to enable visual communication and control of the instruments. Users need to understand coding language like Java or know how to program using visual tools to enable visual communication and control capabilities. Also, users need to find the proper instruments’ SCPI commands in the equipment’s manuals, then type them in the chosen language or tool to enable the communication and control of the instruments. Potential mistakes during typing of the SCPI commands could be difficult to find. However, OptiInstrument software has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows loading and executing single SCPI command or a sequence of SCPI commands. Users of OptiInstrument software can load all SCPI commands of the instrument through pre-formatted XML files and have access to the list of commands from a tree configuration. Then they can drag any specific command to a designated window to check its operation. In that window, the user will view a description of the SCPI command. If the operator is satisfied with the command, he can drag it to another window, in which he creates a sequence of commands. The sequence of commands can be adjusted by moving them up and down to achieve the required order, save the sequence in a file, and execute it at any time.

A Python script can be generated for the sequence of SCPI commands and saved in a file. The Python script file can be loaded and executed by OptiInstrument software or in a Python environment. OptiInstrument can read the data signals generated by the instruments, display it using a built-in viewer tool, and save it in a CSV file for post-processing.

“OptiInstrument is a simple and user-friendly software that can be used to remotely communicate and control instruments for automation and characterization at the manufacturing floors,” said by Dr. Ahmad Atieh, VP of Optical Systems at Optiwave.

Details of OptiInstrument can be found on the Optiwave ( website. Additionally, Optiwave offers a 30-day free evaluation where customers can try all Optiwave products before making a final decision.

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