Optiwave and EXFO Partners for Automation in Lab and Manufacturing


OptiInstrument is a software tool that makes it easy to communicate with instruments and automate their operation using remote control scripts.

OptiInstrument, developed by Optiwave in collaboration with EXFO, addresses the need to automate instruments for researchers, scientists, photonic engineers, professors, and students. OptiInstrument provides a simple, efficient, and user-friendly way to meet multiple applications.

Figure 1. OptiInstrument’s single window, graphical user interface

Figure 2. LTB-12 rackmount modular mainframe


  • Communicating with instruments remotely
  • Setting up equipment parameters
  • Characterization and automated testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Extraction and saving of generated signals for post processing
  • Integration of instruments from a variety of fields, including photonics, electronics with software simulation tools

Key Features

  • User-friendly GUI that operates from a single window
  • Execute single or sequence of SCPI commands
  • Import sequences and script files
  • Reorder commands, add loops and pause from a preconfigured list
  • Generate Python script from sequence of commands
  • Edit and run Python code using built-in editor
  • Show graph or table view of data signals
  • Remote operation and control of instruments
  • Save results of executed SCPI commands in a CSV or JSON file
  • Run preformatted scripts to automate optical measurements using EXFO equipment

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