OptiFDTD Publication References – 2023


The following is a list of scientific papers, technical journals, periodicals, and conference publications that reference the use of OptiFDTD.  These references were collected from internal sources, customer-submitted papers, and scientific articles via Google Scholar – and, to the best of our knowledge, make use of our OptiFDTD software package. If you locate any mistakes, please notify us immediately by contacting info@optiwave.com.

  1. AK Shukla, B Gandhi and GN Pandey, “A Novel Design of 1× 3 Optical Splitter Based on 2D Photonic Crystal”, Macromolecular Symposia (Wiley Online Library, 2023), https://doi.org/10.1002/masy.202100517
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  3. NT Pham, M Bunruangses, P Youplao, A Garhwal and …, “An exploratory simulation study and prediction model on human brain behavior and activity using an integration of deep neural network and biosensor Rabi …”, Heliyon (cell.com, 2023), https://www.cell.com/heliyon/pdf/S2405-8440(23)02956-0.pdf
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