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      hi, in optic system i see two mach-zehnder:

      sinlge drive
      two drive

      i want to can any one explain digest difference between of them?

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      Finally after searching i find good reference for defining it :

      • Dual-drive configuration; modulating voltages are applied to both arms of the
      interferometer using GSG electrode patterns. Phase changes of ±π/2 in the arms
      of the interferometer.

      • Single-drive configuration; modulating voltage is applied to one arm of the
      interferometer. Phase change of π in the arm of the interferometer.

      some other useful link is shared too:

      MZM and MZI

      MZM and LiNbO3 MZM

      it is good you know:
      The MZ modulator are manufactured by using the different material, but presently most of the long distance high capacity optical communication systems utilize LiNbO for the same.

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