OptiSystem 17.0 includes the creation of several new components and enhancement of many existing components.

*Active maintenance & support users will receive an email with the upgrade instructions.

NOTE FOR USB KEY LICENSES: You must update your USB key before installing the new version (please contact us)!

New components include:

  • GN Model
  • LiFi Channel
  • Multicore Fiber
  • MCF XT-Bending Radius
  • MCF XT-Core Pitch
  • OTDR

Enhancements include:

  • A check box is added to enable users saving the calculated data of the Phi-OTDR component to a file and allow them to define their desired path for storing the file.
  • The datasheet of the Linear Multimode Fiber component is edited to show the format of the CamMMFi data file. A PDF file that describes the data structure is added to the example library at C:\ Users\user name\Documents\OptiSystem 17.0 samples\Component sample files\Multimode Library\Optical Fibers.
  • An equation to calculate the peak to average power ratio (PAPR) parameter for the OFDM Modulation component is added to the component datasheet. The PAPR parameter could be viewed through the “Component Results…”.
  • Appendix (3) is added to the Optical Fiber component data sheet to explain how to load the Optical Fiber data files located at C:\Program Files\Optiwave Software\OptiSystem 17\components\Optical Fiber\… to the component properties popup window.

Product Improvements and Fixes

Python Component

The name of some libraries provided by Python software/Anaconda could change upon updates, which would cause OptiSystem to fail calculating the Python component examples provided in OptiSystem Example Library due to mismatch in the file names. Please make sure that python specific version (Python 3.7) is used with the proper release of OptiSystem.

Getting Started Guide and User Reference Guide Access

The issue of accessing the “Getting Started Guide” and “User Reference Guide” from the “Help” filed in OptiSystem GUI tool bar is fixed in OptiSystem version 17.0.

Optical Spectrum Analyzer Visualizer & Dual Port Optical Spectrum Analyzer Visualizer

OptiSystem software crashes when signals with optical spectrum has values of 0 Hz, while the setting of the Optical Spectrum Analyzer visualizer or the Dual Port Optical Spectrum Analyzer visualizer is in “m”. The software does not crash if the setting is “Hz”. The issue has been fixed in OptiSystem 17.0.

3D Graph

The results displayed using the 3D Graph feature when dragged from the “Graphs” field of the component in the “Project Browser” docker into the “Report” page are not correct. This issue has been fixed in OptiSystem 17.0

View Signal Visualizer

When changing the number of samples in the project layout and go from higher number of samples to a lower number of samples, the change is not reflected on the captured number of samples in the “View Signal Visualizer” component. This issue is resolved in OptiSystem 17.0.

Download OptiSystem 17.0.0-64

Download New Features of OptiSystem 17.0.0

Download Release Notes of OptiSystem 17.0.0