With the increasing spread of COVID-19 and a rapidly evolving global response, health and safety have become everyone’s top priority. Teachers and students have to stay at home while the education needs to go on.

Optiwave is pleased to offer educational departments this “FREE for Academics 2020” program to support your continuous online courses during this difficult period.

To join this program, you are simply required to send an email to academic@optiwave.com from your university/institute email account with the information of the name of the university, department, and your job title.

We will provide below services for FREE:

· Three months of FREE OptiSystem cloud license with up to 50 users
· Full Access to Optiwave’s nine extensive optical communication lab assignments (with answers provided separately):
· Online technical support

Once the email is received, we will provide you the download instructions.

Optiwave is here for you. Please stay home and positive.


Optiwave Systems Inc.