OptiBPM tutorials are now available online for use by BPM users.  Please use the following link to access them (BPM manuals):

Here is a snippet of the Electro-Optic Modulator tutorial:

bpm tutorials

There are approximately 200 pages of material on the following topics:

BPM Introduction
Slowly Varying Envelope Approximation
Differential Equations of BPM
Semi-Vector and Scalar BPM
Crank-Nicholson Method and Scheme Parameter
Boundary Conditions for BPM
Perfectly Matched Layer (PML)
Wide-Angle Beam Propagation Method
FD-BPM with Perfectly Matched Layers
FD-BPM with Transparent Boundary Conditions
FE-BPM with Perfectly Matched Layers
Wide-Angle BPM based on Pade Approximant Operators
Fresnel Approximation (Pade 0th Order)
Wide Angle (WA), Pade(1,1)
Wide Angle (WA), Pade(2,2)
Wide Angle (WA), Pade(3,3)
Wide Angle (WA), Pade(4,4)

Conformal Mappling Regions

Titanium Diffusion in Lithium Niobate
Magnesium Diffusion in Lithium Niobate
Proton Exchange Process in Lithium Niobate

Electro-optic Effect

Scattering Data
Modeling of the Optical Components - Survey of Methods
Circuit Complexity Introduction
Huge BPM Devices ("mux/demux")
Multidirectional BPM Device
Devices Consisting of the Combination of BPM & Gratings ("Add/Drop")
Devices out of Scopte of the BPM Technique (ring resonator)
Scattering Data Approach
Implementation with OptiSystem
Solutions using OptiSystem
Four Channel Mach-Zehnder Multi/Demultiplexer
The MZI - 'Loopy'
Add/Drop Bragg MZI
Ring Resonator
Non-linear BPM Algorithm

Central Wavelength Approximation
BPM Calculations
Tilted Waveguides

Vectoral Beam Propagation for Anisotropic Waveguides
Mathematical Formulations
Continuous Wave Equations for Anisotropic Media
Full E-vector Formulation

Vectoral Modal Analysis for Anisotropic Waveguides
Full H-vector Forumulation
H-Vectorial Modal Analysis for Anisotropic Waveguide

Fiber Mode Solvers
Real-valued formulation
Debye Potential
Separation of Variables
Solution of the Linear System
Dispersion Equation
LP Modes

Finite Difference Mode Solver
Magnetic Formulation
Magnetic Finite Difference Equations
Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Method (IRAM)
Transparent Boundary Condition (TBC)

Getting Started
Introduction to Optical Waveguides
Quick Start
GUI Main Parts
How to use OptiBPM
Defining Materials
Defining 2D and 3D Channel Profiles
Defining the Layout Settings
Creating a Basic Project
Inserting the Input Plane
Running the Simulation
Selecting the Master Library Path

Create a Simple MMI Coupler
Create a Single-Bend Device
Create an MMI Star Coupler
Wavelength Scripting with VB Script
Design a 3dB Coupler using VB Script
Applying Predefined Diffusion Processes
3D OptiMode Solver - COST Project Waveguide
Create a Chip-to-Fiber Butt Coupler
Electro-Optic Modulator
Integrated Optical Circuit Simulation using OptiBPM and OptiSystem
Scan the Refractive Index (RI)
Applying User-defined Diffusion Profiles
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Switch
Step Index Fiber Modes
Graded Index Fiber Modes
Modal Analysis of an Anisotropic Buried Waveguide
BPM Analysis of an Anisotropic Buried Waveguide

Access the first tutorial here: http://optiwave.com/optibpm-manuals/bpm-introduction-to-optibpm/