New OptiSystem Lab Assignments – 2015


New professionally written lab assignments are now freely available to OptiSystem users.  Professors will need to personally request the “answers” password by emailing with their full signature (name, position, university, address).

LESSON 1 – LASER Transmitters

Investigate the L-I curves and spectrum of a FP Laser and observe the effects of different cavity characteristics. Learn to perform parameter sweeps in OptiSystem.


LESSON 2 – PIN Photodiode

Investigate the characteristics of PIN Photodiodes and understand the usage of the Lightwave Analyzer component.


LESSON 3 – Loss and Power Budget

Investigate the effect of loss on optical system performance and characterize the system with the power budget equation. Use OptiSystem to optimize the fiber length of a communication system.


LESSON 4 – Multimode Optical Fiber

Determine the optical modes that exist for multimode step index fibers and investigate their performance on optical systems.


LESSON 5 – Single Mode Fiber – Dispersion

Characterize analytically and through simulation the effects of dispersion on optical systems.


LESSON 6 – Optical Amplifiers – Erbium Doped Fibers

Study the characteristics of EDFAs alone and in a system. Reanalyze the importance of receiver noise and the effect of amplification on the quality of an optical system.


LESSON 7 – Single Mode Fiber – Nonlinearity

Characterize analytically and through simulation the effects of nonlinearity on optical systems.


LESSON 8 – QAM Transmitter

Investigate the method for measuring the BER accurately and the distortions present in coherent modulators.


LESSON 9 – QAM Receiver

Build a coherent receiver based on the 90 degree optical hybrid and further investigate the QAM format.


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