“Zoom X”, “Zoom XY” and “Zoom Off” are convenient tools for expanding a portion of
the graph.

“Zoom X” expands the view only in horizontal direction, “Zoom XY” – in both.

Do the following steps:

Step Action
1 Select, for example, the “Material Loss” tab in the Views window.
2 Select “Zoom XY” from the “Graph Tools” floating menu or the “Graph Tools” toolbar.
3 Now, with the left mouse button, click-and-drag a region to be expanded to a full graph. Before releasing the left mouse button, the View tab should look like this:

Optical Fiber - Graph Tools

4 Release the left mouse button. The selected part is expanded to the full tab. The “View” tab should now look something like this:

Optical Fiber - View

5 Select “Zoom Off “ to restore the default view scale.