Arbitrarily Selected Group of Modes


If the current fiber design supports multiple modes the characteristics of a group of
modes can be calculated for comparison:

Step Action
1 In the “Modes” dialog box recalculate and select the group of modes, in this case all the modes from LP(0,1) to LP(2,6)

Optical Fiber - Modes

2 Then proceed to the “Properties of High Order Mode”. Its left-side controls are now disabled and the “Multiple Mode Scan” is checked as the parameter of this calculation is the mode itself, instead of some technological figure of the fiber.

Optical Fiber - Properties of High Order ModeThe user can also choose to sort the results according to the initial sequential number
of the mode in the selected group…Optical Fiber - mode…or according to the effective refractive index in descending order.Optical Fiber - effective refractive index