Viewing Results in the BPM Analyzer


To view the simulation results in OptiBPM_Analyzer, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 In the OptiBPM_Analyzer project directory, click Power In Output


A graph appears and displays the power in each output waveguide as a function of iteration number. It is clear the optimum design can be found somewhere between the 3rd and 4th iteration (see Figure 29).

BPM - Figure 29 Power in output waveguides

Figure 29: Power in output waveguides

Note: The Analyzer stores simulation data from each iteration.

2 Open the Optical Field Propagation and Propagation Refractive Index directories, and select the contents to view (see Figure 30).

BPM - Figure 30 Propagation Optical Field — XZ slice

Figure 30: Propagation Optical Field — XZ slice

BPM - Figure 31 Propagation Refractive Index — XZ slice

Figure 31: Propagation Refractive Index — XZ slice

3 To view the simulation result for the 3rd iteration, select Iteration 3 from the Iteration drop-down list.