Modifying the Layout Script


To modify the layout script, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Click the Scripting tab.

The Scripting window appears.

2 Type the following lines at the end of the layout script:

BPM - Script

Note: The first lines draw the layout, and the above lines enter a loop. The layout is adjusted to move the coupler waveguides farther apart in each iteration. Each loop ends with a ParamMgr.Simulate command which calls the simulator for the current layout.

3  Save the project.
4 From the Simulation menu, select Calculate 2D Isotropic Simulation.

The Simulation Parameters dialog box appears (see Figure 26).

BPM - Figure 26 Simulation Parameters dialog box

Figure 26: Simulation Parameters dialog box

5 Under Simulation technique, click Simulate Using Script.
6 Click Run.

The simulator runs 10 times and the progress is reported in the Notification window (see Figure 27).

BPM - Figure 27 Simulation using script

Figure 27: Simulation using script

At the end of simulation, a prompt box appears (see Figure 28).

BPM - Figure 28 Prompt box

Figure 28: Prompt box

7 To run the OptiBPM_Analyzer, click Yes.