Inserting and Editing the Input Plane


To insert and edit the input plane, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 From the Draw menu, select Input Plane.
2 To insert the input plane, click at the left side of the layout window.

The input plane appears.

3 To edit the input plane, from the Edit menu, select Properties.

The Input Plane properties dialog box appears (see Figure 20.)

4 To position the input plane more accurately, click the Global Data tab and type the following settings:

a.   Starting Field: Mode

b.   Z Position: 10.00000

5 Click the Input Fields 2D tab and click Edit.

The Input Field dialog box appears (see Figure 21).

BPM - Figure 20 Input Plane dialog box

Figure 20: Input Plane dialog box

BPM - Figure 21 Input Field dialog box

Figure 21: Input Field dialog box

6 Select the second waveguide (at position 7.5) and click Add.

The selected waveguide appears in the Fields window and displays the

amplitude and phase (see Figure 22).

BPM - Figure 22 Waveguide in the Field window

Figure 22: Waveguide in the Field window

7 To apply the selected waveguide and return to the Input Field dialog box,

click OK.

8 To return to the layout, click OK.