Generating the Layout Script


To generate the layout script, perform the following procedure.

Step Action
1 Click the Scripting tab in the main project window (see Figure 17).

The Scripting window appears.

BPM - Figure 17 Scripting tab

Figure 17:   Scripting tab

2 From the Simulation menu, select Generate Layout Script.

A prompt message box appears (see Figure 18).

BPM - Figure 18 Prompt message box

Figure 18:   Prompt message box

3 To generate the layout script, click Yes.

A script that generates the coupler that you drew is written automatically.

Note: If you had just copied this text into this window and selected Simulation > Run Script rather than drawing the coupler, the coupler would have been drawn in the Layout tab. You may find drawing and then Generating Script a convenient way to learn the script syntax.

4 Remove the following line from the script (see Figure 19):

• InputPlaneMgr.DeleteAll

You will put the input plane in the layout instead.

BPM - Figure 19 Deleting lines from the script

Figure 19: Deleting lines from the script