Creating a Buried Waveguide Formed by Titanium Diffusion in Lithium Niobate


You can create a buried waveguide using the template created in the first part of this lesson. The diffusion of Magnesium in the Lithium Niobate leads to negative changes in the refractive index that are approximately proportional to the Mg concentration. Therefore, by diffusing Magnesium and Titanium, we can tailor the refractive index distribution and create a buried waveguide.

Saving the template under a new name

To save the template under a new name, perform the following procedure:

Step Action
1 From the File menu, select the template file (PredefinedTi.bpd) and click Open.The file opens in the Profile Designer.
2  From the File menu, select SaveAs.
3 Type PredefinedTiMg as the file name.
4  Click OK.