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    Hi Hoat Li,

    For the prices of Optiwave Corp, you have to see according to your country distributor or you can write directly to the Optiwave to know prices.


    Dear Marvi Grovar,

    For your kind information, representative of Optiwave in India is GigaSoft India. You can write a mail to or for further details.



    Good Idea for New Release of OptiSystem !


    You can design wireless channel in matlab and export it into optisystem. But you have to ensure that your channel must be optical as in Optisystem you can deal with optical communication only not mobile ccommunication in he form of RF


    Dear Sir,

    OptiSpice is the best tool for the simulations of Opto-electronic circuits. OptiSpice has electrical, Optical and thermal libraries to support the Opto-electronic system designs at the component levels.


    You can use circulator component in the OptiSystem 😉


    Yes, I am totally agreed that OptiSystem software’s help to understand the basic operations of fiber optics.


    In short, FSO is assumed to simulate for terrestrial applications where as OWC is assumed to simulate for inter-satellite communications.


    Hi Damian,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Okay let take a simple example ” I used CW multi-mode laser with LG 00 mode and send it directly over the 100 km of multimode parabolic indexed fiber. Now i compared the spatial profile after the multi-mode fiber and after the CW spatial laser by using spatial visualizer in OptiSystem. Now it shows the same spatial profile as after the laser as well as after multimode fiber. There is no effect in the spatial profile as it suppose to be attenuated when transmitted over such long distance. Can you justify this ??

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks Sofien !! 🙂


    Quite interesting !!


    So the conclusion is ” OptiSystem is unable to calculate the diameter of multimode beam when pssed through wireless channels.


    Dear Damian,
    Does it that the telescopes in the FSO link just directly images the spatial profile ? Also do the spatial profiles and beam diameter take into account modal dispersion, laser beam divergence and power modal coupling?

    Thanks in advance.


    So it means there is no effect on spatial profile if transmitting through FSO/OWC channel which is not making the sense. If there is effect on spatial profile, spatial analyzer is not able to detect that effect. Any alternative method to measure the effect of beam through FSO/OWC channel. Thanks in advance.


    Hi Damian,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, exactly that the thing i want to do with OptiSystem. I am quite interested to see the effect of broadening of multimode optical beam in free space propagation but unfortunately even with free space propagation, there is no change in spatial profile with the distance. If you have solution to this problem, kindly suggest.