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      Nik DJENH


      I’m doing some co-simulations using OptiSystem7 and Matlab. However, I don’t get the expected result. Also I would like to know if there is a syntax while doing a co-simulation OptiSystem-Matlab that I have to know before doing well my work ?
      If there is, please, send me those files or everything helping me to learn syntax that I will use.

      For example,
      ### length(InputPort1.Noise) ###
      There are many others syntaxes that I found but I don’t know how and when I must use them.


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      Aabid Baba

      Hello Nik,
      I am not sure what you are doing and what results you are expecting but as far as your query is concerned i would suggest you to go through these tutorials how to co-simulate MAtlab and Optisystem for your design. This will definitely give you some idea about how to simulate a design using co-simulation with Matlab. Please go through these tutorials.

      Matlab Binary Switch

      Matlab Cosimulation

      Hope this will be helpful to you.Thanking you

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