Matlab Cosimulation


BER Analysis Using Matlab®/OptiSystem Automation

This example demonstrates the use of Matlab® software to call OptiSystem and calculate the bit error rate after the OptiSystem simulation.

Samples: MatlabOptiSysBER.m


The Matlab file “MatlabOptiSysBER.m” executes the following functions:

  • Generates the data (sequences of bits) that are transmitted through OptiSystem;
  • Opens OptiSystem;
  • Load file OpticalLinkProject.osd that has the optical link designed;
  • Setup the global parameters and transfer the binary data to OptiSystem;
  • Run the simulation;
  • Transfer the received data from OptiSystem to Matlab;
  • Calculates the bit error rate (BER).

Optical System - Figure 1 -  System layout

Figure 1: System layout

To run this example, the user has to check if the path provided for the OpticalLinkProject.osd file is correct.