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      Sandeep Yenchalwar

      I’ve downloaded 32 bit optifdtd trial version and new to the FDTD. I want to study the coupling effect of two/more nanopartcles and its effect on the absorption properties of underlying substrate.
      1) How to manipulate the distance between the nanoparticle?
      2) How to design core-shell nanorod structures?
      I’ve attached a diagram files from papers where i want design such systems.

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      Damian Marek


      The two nanoparticles would not be hard. You could define a separation variable that is used to calculate the positions of each particle. Here is some info on how to setup such a design:

      Layout Creation Steps

      For the hollow cylinder you could first design a solid metallic cylinder and then create another smaller dielectric (air) cylinder and place it at the center to create the hollow structure.

      Hope this helps!

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