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      Mohamed Fouad

      Hello everyone ,
      I would like to thank the moderators and every body working on this forum , there is a great deal of valuable knowledge to be learnt from here so THANK YOU !

      Okay shooting strait to the point, my question or problem lies in the co-simulation between MATLAB and Optisystem .
      I have a circuit designed on MATLAB and I need Optisystem to calculate the BER of the circuit designed on Matlab .
      I don’t want to make this a long thread to save every one’s time and effort , so could you please list the basic steps, points and protocols to follow when trying to do a design/simulation that incorporates MATLAB-Optisystem Co-simulation.

      I have attached My Matlab design below to give you a clear view on my inquiry .

      Your help would be greatly appreciated .

      Thank You

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      Damian Marek

      Hi Mohamed,

      The attached image gives an outline of how the system should be setup. You should start with inputting the electrical signal from OptiSystem into a Matlab component. When OptiSystem runs, it will call the M-file in the Matlab component, process the data, and then export the resulting electrical signal back into OptiSystem.The output signal is then connected to the BER Analyzer.

      Also stick with the random data generator from OptiSystem (instead of the generator in Simulink) and input it into the Matlab component. This data array could then be handed over to Simulink (via the Matlab m-file). It will make calculating the BER easier.

      I have also enclosed examples of co-simulations between Matlab and OptiSystem. If you are interested, there is also a relevant post in the Knowledge section:

      Use of the Matlab Component [Optical System]

      The attached files explain the Matlab component in great detail!

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      Mohamed Fouad

      Sincerely I Thank You for this valuable information .

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      Hi mohamed,
      why do not you use the BER module simulink. it’s easier?

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        Mohamed Fouad

        Hello ,
        That wouldnt be practical as I am trying to find the BER of CAP after being transmitted on RoF .

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      Luis Acevedo

      Can i do the same with optiFDTD?

      Import / export from Matlab?

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