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      Damian Marek


      I was trying to simulate the feedback methods in OptiSystem. I would like to know more about the Convert from Individual Signals and Convert to Individual Signals components and how individual sampled signals work.

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      Damian Marek


      In OptiSystem a signal is generally expressed as a sampled signal, which is passed to a component in one chunk. To perform time domain calculations, like feedback, the sampled signal must be converted to individual samples, which consist only of a single signal value and its corresponding position in time. This allows OptiSystem to propagate the samples through different components at different times. The attached project file Electric_Phase_Locked_Loop.osd is an example of an electrical feedback system.

      You can follow the tutorial on this example at:


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      Luis Acevedo

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      What about optical fibers ?
      Do they support individual samples ?
      I have some problems simulating optical fiber in a feedback loop
      The fiber doesn’t have any effect on individual samples

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        Damian Marek

        Hi Tess,

        Unfortunately the optical fiber models do not support individual samples. Perhaps if you create a new topic and describe the system you would like to model with an article or diagram, I can help you find a way to simulate it.


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      Raja masud

      Hi Damian Marek,

      I have 3 confusion with feedback loop, which i have upload in this link https://optiwave.com/forums/topic/plz-help-me-to-solve-3-questions/. plz help me to clear my 3 confusion.

      Thanking you


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      Ajay Vyas

      thanks to you for very important information & point
      Sir I design a predistorter using one feedback system as same above you mentioned. I want integrated with radio over link is it possible > I attached the layout of predistorter.
      Please check it

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