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      siva rama krishna

      I am designing Duobinary modulation over SMF fiber and i need some clarifications
      1) can we replace precoder and adder circuit with Bessel electrical low pass filter.If possible provide circuit diagram and filter specification i need.
      2) In modified duobinary can i replace precoder and sub-tractor circuit with high pass filter? Please provide details.
      3) Before detector circuit(after transmitted with fiber) can i user Bandpass Bessel filter. Please provide its importance and parameter specifications.
      4)Duobinary modulation using symmetrical structure.

      Advance in Thanks
      Siva Rama Krishna

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      Tech Support

      Thank you for your query. Unfortunately we are not very familiar with the techniques you describe below. We did however find a paper (attached) which discusses using FIR filters in combination with a low pass filter to generate duo-binary signals. Possibly this will help you with your design query.

      Sorry for not being able to respond in greater detail.

      We hope the enclosed information helps!

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