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      Could anyone tell me which modulation format are consistently superior among RZ,NRZ,DRZ,CSRZ,MDRZ ?
      Thanks in Advance.

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      Ashu verma

      Hello Sayed
      Among all these DRZ,CSRZ and MDRZ perform better,as they are less prone to dispersion and bandwidth efficient.But for better information you can perform these formats by your own and find which format is best.you can also do literature survey,lot of work has been done on these formats.I have attached some papers for reference only.I suggest you to perform these by own


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      Alessandro Festa

      Hi agree with Sam Sung. There is no a superior format for all applications, it really depends on the requirements of your system.

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      Thanks everyone for share this information.But in post and pre dispersion compensation schemes RZ format perform better than CSRZ DRZ and MDRZ. Is it possible?

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      Thanks a lot for your co-operation.

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      Hi Sayed!

      I agree with the explanation that Sam Sung and Alessandro gave to you before. From my side, I just want to elaborate on your following-up question: DRZ, CSRZ, MDRZ are advanced for higher bit-rate for given spectral channel capacity. However, for lower bit-rates RZ and NRZ (lower than RZ…) formats are preferable in terms of longer transmission distances. Hence, the main question what system design and requirements you are considering!

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      Hi Ravil
      For single channel not WDM or OTDM.
      Bit rate 40 Gbps
      Sequence Length 256
      Samples /bit 32
      Fiber Distance 300km
      EDFA gain 10dB & NF 6dB
      DCF 10km EDFA gain 5dB & NF 6dB.

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        Damian Marek

        The best way to determine this is just to go ahead and simulate it. Try the same transmission link for the three different formats and check the resultant BER. The larger the sequence length the more accurate the BER will be.

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      Abhishek Shrama

      Hello Sayed ,I am completely agree with Sam sung,Alessandro and Ravil.You are using a single channel system with EDFA and dispersion compensation,As far as i know these formats vary there performance in different techniques of dispersion compensation i.e. Pre, Post and symmetric.Better to try yourself ,and you can also study the performance of these formats in different arrangements of DCF.
      Roughly i suggest MDRZ would be better among these formats .Rest you can can study the papers attached by SAM SUNG,so that you will get some idea how these formats perform.

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      Thanks everyone

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