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      Hello All,

      Can someone explain, what does the Academic Publication Portal in detail. I have some idea but not Full.


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      Ashu verma

      Hi shuibashish, optiwave started a new portal where any forum member submit there own research or some topics are given by the optiwave.If submmited research approve by the optiwave ,then author will get paid according to price decided by the optiwave.For more details you can visit this link
      For initializing this process ,author has to put request to optiwave and also has to explain the plan of action.If it gets approved,you can submit your publication

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      Ok. Thnks, I will visit the Link you gave and post questions there.

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      Hi Subhashish Tiwari,

      I gave you my answer with brief elaboration of this topic according to your question in the other forum…

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      Ajay Vyas

      You just open the publication portal & go through. Detail & reference you will be under stand .

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