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      Ibn Aziz

      Hi every one!
      Hope u al r fine!

      I am working on the project on Rof in which at start i need to get optical pulses from input Continuous optical source Modulatn with Rf signal with Dc biasing. As a reference to this idea i am attaching a paper here with.
      (From the attached paper, i get idea of how i can modulate a CW source with RF signal so that i can get optical pulses).

      Now problem is that after doing Intensity modulation i am not getting the required configuration/ values of optical pulses that i want to i.e.

      Time period of optical pulses = 7.8125 nsec
      pulse width of optical pulses = 1 nsec

      By doing tunning of diffrent parametrs (by using three working modes of operation of LiNb MZM like Peak, Null and Quadrature operation point ) i either get above mentioned Time period or pulse width at once but couldn’t get both in the same run/ configuration.

      Any one plz help me to adjust both parameters at once in the same scenario with same configuration.

      I wil be very thakful to u for ur this act of kindness.

      Best regards
      Best Wishes

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      Ibn Aziz

      I am here attaching the file of getting pulse width of 1 nsec but fail to achieve required Time period.

      kindly help me to get out it.

      Best regards
      Best wishes.

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      Ibn Aziz

      One more question regarding above file that :

      Can i use DC generator instead of electrical gain= -1 in the above project ? will it work.

      As in the above paper they have taken DC gen so that y i am asking.

      I am waiting eagerly to solve above mentiond issue of time period and pulse width, as i am working on it for last 2 weeks.

      I wl be very thak to u for ur kind assistance and sharing ur knowledge.

      best regards
      Stay bless

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      Ibn Aziz

      And one more info about why i am taking one MZM instead of 4 (as taken in paer) because i don’t need a pico second pulses. But i only need optical pulses with above mentioned time period and pulse width.

      please help…

      stay bless.

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      Damian Marek

      You will have to try a design using multiple Mach Zehnder modulators like in the article you attached.

      Or you can try the quick and easy method I used in this other topic:

      Generation of RZ-DQPSK modulation for different duty cycles

      However the pulse shape is not the same as the one in the article (same duty cycle) to get that specific pulse shape you will need to use the four modulators in their design.


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      Ibn Aziz

      Dear Damian Marek thanks alot for ur kind answers and support!

      i am realy thankful to u for ur efforts and assisatnce because u always ther to support us.

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      Ibn Aziz

      Dear Damian Marek!

      i have done with 4 MZM but stil problem is same i.e if i got required time period then the required pulse couldn’t get vice versa.

      i m working on it since month but stil couldn’t make it posible.

      i am attaching the fig of desire pulse below so that u can know what i am requiring.

      If u have any info or clue how to reach that then plz share.


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