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Damian Marek

Hi Mohamed,

The attached image gives an outline of how the system should be setup. You should start with inputting the electrical signal from OptiSystem into a Matlab component. When OptiSystem runs, it will call the M-file in the Matlab component, process the data, and then export the resulting electrical signal back into OptiSystem.The output signal is then connected to the BER Analyzer.

Also stick with the random data generator from OptiSystem (instead of the generator in Simulink) and input it into the Matlab component. This data array could then be handed over to Simulink (via the Matlab m-file). It will make calculating the BER easier.

I have also enclosed examples of co-simulations between Matlab and OptiSystem. If you are interested, there is also a relevant post in the Knowledge section:

Use of the Matlab Component [Optical System]

The attached files explain the Matlab component in great detail!