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Integrated and Fiber Optical Grating Design Software

Optical Grating - Apodization

Fiber Bragg Grating

  In the first lesson, you will learn how to design a Fiber Bragg Grating with chirp and apodization. Such a grating finds application in fiber dispersion compensation.  S.1 The first thing you will do is to open a new project. …

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Optical Grating - Grating Definition dialog box,


In this lesson, you will use the Fiber Bragg Grating example from Lesson 1. Have a
look at the Profile graph…

Optical Grating - Profile tab

Reconstruction of Unknown Grating

In this lesson we check that the layer peeling algorithm can reconstruct an unknown grating with knowledge of only the reflection coefficient. In the first step, we select a typical grating with chirp and apodization and calculate its reflection coefficient. …

Grating 3

OptiGrating Overview

OptiGrating uses the Coupled Mode Theory to model the light and enable analysis and synthesis of gratings…

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Photonics North 2017

June 7-8

Optics and photonics technologies are strategic to the overall growth of many industry sectors in Canada; the pervasive nature of these enabling technologies results in…

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