File: Open

File: New > Module option > File: Open

The Open command

OptiGrating allows you to open the following files:

OptiGrating data files (those from IFO_Gratings 1.0, IFO_Gratings 2.0, IFO_Gratings
3.0, and IFO_Gratings 4.0) have an .ifo extension.

All workspace files (see Save Workspace) are saved with this extension. In each
Workspace file, there is also at least one .ifo file. A workspace file has only a link to
an .ifo data file. It does not contain any .ifo data; it contains all the information about
the file you open and the number and the location of the windows. The .ifo data files
are the files containing all the data and without them .iws files are useless.

Note: If you distribute an . iws file, you also need to distribute all .ifo files which
the .iws file uses. If you save an .iws file in the folder the .ifo files use, the .ifo file
names inside the .iws file will be saved without a path.

The .tpl files are template files, much like workspace file, but they don’t contain coded
.ifo data files; instead, template files ask you to open any .ifo data file you like.

To open a file

1 File > Open.
2 In the Open dialog box, choose a type of file from the Files Of Type list box.
3 In the File Name box, write the name of the file you want to open or use the Browser button to find the file you want to open.
4 Click the Open button.

Save Worksapce

File: New > Module option > File: Save Workspace

The Save Workspace command

OptiGrating allows you to clone views, i.e. to use multiple graph windows. You can set
the size and the position of each window on the screen according to your preferences.
The Save Workspace command allows you to save not only the settings but also all
the information in each window for future use. Therefore, each workspace file
contains at least one .ifo file.

In the Save Workspace dialog box, you have to name the file and save it with an .iws
extension. Then, you may be asked to save changes in your .ifo file. If you haven’t
assigned a name to your .ifo file yet, you will be asked to do so.

To save a workspace

1 File > New.
2 In the New dialog box, choose one of the Module options.
3 From the File menu, click Save Workspace.
4 In the Save Workspace dialog box, type the name of the file in the File Name box.
5 From the Save As Type list box, choose IFO Workspace (.iws).
6 Click the Save button.