OIDA Sponsored Webinar: Photonic Crystal Design Within the OptiFDTD Environment



The webinar will explore the photonic crystal design and analysis functionality of the OptiFDTD product as applied to photonic crystal-based structures. There will be two primary objectives:

  • Examination of the fundamental crystal structure in terms of its resulting band structure and transmission properties
  • Analysis of defect states and the structures assembled through the use of these defects.

Video Recording


What are photonic crystal structures used for?

Photonic crystals can be used to manipulate light. Applications like OptiFDTD help engineers control this property by designing structures to suit their needs. For instance, these structures can be used for highly accurate temperature sensors, waveguides, and optical communication.

How can I learn more about photonic crystal design software?

Optiwave has created a collection of highly detailed support documentation and tutorials to help new users get acquainted with our design software. Whether you’re a new student or an experienced engineer, you’ll find all the resources you need for your projects right here. If you have a question that hasn’t already been answered in our extensive documentation, head over to the community forums and one of our community experts will help you out.

My system isn’t powerful enough to run optical design software, what can I do?

You no longer need a powerful system to run design files. Optiwave now offers all users a full-service cloud computing solution that can run these files on Amazon’s cloud servers. You can now easily export those FDTD files to Linux and run them on our cloud service by creating an Optiwave account and loading your photonic crystal design files.