Watch our two-day Webinar co-hosted by CMC and Optiwave to learn about OptiSPICE and OptiSPICE plug-in tools.

Day1: OptiSPICE software for handling the complex electro-optic circuits at the chip scale

  • The advantage of OptiSPICE comprehensive design environment allows it to simulate optical and electrical circuits in one simulation engine.
  • Handling the complex post-processing functionality and the waveform analysis using OptiSystem
  • Running state-of-the-art transient time domain, AC, and DC analysis to accurately predict the behavior of advanced optoelectronic circuits.
  • Carrying out simulations using S-parameters files (optical OR electrical) in standard Touchstone format.
  • Creating and managing your own complex circuit libraries.

Day2: OptiSPICE plug-in and Integration of optical models into Siemens (Tanner) EDA

  • This event will showcase the seamless integration of optical models (built by Optiwave) into the Tanner EDA enabling the simulation of complex electro-optic circuits from schematic or mask layout within a single design environment (i.e. using SPICE engine).
  • Support for Tanner GPIC PDK
  • Direct optoelectronic interfacing with SPICE components via laser/photodiode/modulators, etc.
  • Carrying out simulation using optical S-parameter device for passive components (compatible with OptiFDTD and OptiBPM).
  • User-defined or experimental data input for compact model creation i.e. waveguides effective index and responsivity.
  • Standard bandpass, bandstop optical filter components (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel) for quick prototyping.
  • Optical signal visualization (magnitude, phase, real, imaginary, power, etc.) with Tanner Waveform Viewer.
  • Creating and managing your own complex circuit libraries.