S-band amplification using Tm-DFA


The system designed amplifies a set of 16 channels in the S-band going from 1450 nm to 1525 nm. Three different amplifier lengths are simulated and the gain curve is plotted in the report page.

Sample: MODB_ModulationSystem.osd

Optical System - Figure 1 - Thulium-doped fiber amplifier layout

Figure 1: Thulium-doped fiber amplifier layout.

Optical System - Figure 2 - Gain curves for 2 4 m (black) 7 m (red), and 8 1 m (green) of Tm-doped fibers

Figure 2: Gain curves for 2.4 m (black), 7 m (red), and 8.1 m (green) of Tm-doped fibers.