Fiber Parameter Extractor


The Multimode (MM) Fiber Parameter Extractor is a software tool that enables accurate parameter extraction of multimode fibers, such as 50/125 m and 62.5/125 m silica fibers. MM Fiber Parameter Extractor capabilities are derived from Optiwave’s award-winning optical fiber design software OptiFiber. OptiFiber employs meshless mode solver for LP modes. These advanced mode solvers are especially useful for multimode fiber calculations, where there are many modes in the spectrum.

MM Fiber Parameter Extractor generates a library of spatial modes for a fiber with an user defined refractive index profile. The library consists of a list of files that contains the spatial mode shapes and propagation attributes, such as effective index and modal delays, over a range of wavelengths. OptiSPICE fiber model uses this library to simulate the attributes of the multimode fiber.


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