Views Window


The Views window provides all graphical output from simulations. The graphs appear
in the view tabs as they are calculated. In a new file, most views are empty, except
the Material Loss tab, where a default loss characteristic is displayed.

The list of available view tabs is as follows:

  • Profile view
  • Modal Index view
  • Group Delay view
  • Dispersion view
  • Mode Measures view
  • Material Loss view
  • Bending Loss view
  • Splice Loss view
  • Mode Field view
  • Birefringence view
  • PMD view

Click Material Loss to see the default material loss mechanisms and the total loss vs.

Optical Fiber - Views window

Later, you will learn how to change these fiber characteristics. The empty view tabs
will be filled with graphs after execution of relevant simulations.

Views are described in the Output Views Reference beginning with the Profile View