Fiber Propagation Modes


Scalar fiber modes

The designation of Linearly Polarized (LP) Fiber modes is based on the assumption
of weak guidance. Weakly guiding fibers have a small difference between core and
cladding refractive index.

Two numbers designate the LP (m, n) modes:

m – azimuthal number

n – orbital number where m = 0, 1, 2, … and n = 1, 2…

Both guided and cladding modes of arbitrary circular symmetric refractive index
profile are calculated either by the accurate finite difference method or by the
analytical matrix method.

Vector fiber modes

The designation of vector fiber modes TE, TM, EH, and HE follows the convention:

TE (0,n) – transverse electric family of modes
TM (0,n) – transverse magnetic family of modes
EH (m, n) – hybrid family of modes
HE (m, n) – hybrid family of modes
where m and n=1, 2…

See Appendix A, Fiber Mode Solvers by Matrix Method, for details on the LP and
Vector mode solvers that use the matrix method.