Power Sweep Analysis


•      Open each fda file to observe the field pattern and power spectrum in the observation line for the corresponding scanned parameter. The scanned parameter value will be listed in the analyzer.

•     The final fda file will collect the center wavelength power values and power spectrums in the observation line for all the simulated iteration.

Step Action
1 Double click on the final results file whose file name has the last iteration number 100 “X64_Sample63_2DTM_2Levels_ParameterSweep-005.fda”. OptiFDTD Results Analyzer opens.
2 Select Power Sweep Analysis under tools menu. Power Sweep Viewer appears (refer to Figure 8)
3 The data can be selected from the top Drop-down list menu.

•     Select Power Spectrum on Observation line2

•     Select/unselect the swept parameter from the left side list to display/un-display the corresponding power spectrum.

4 Click on the icon on the up-left corner in graph to check the graph tools and displayed data operation.

FDTD - Figure 8 Parameter sweep Viewer

Figure 8: Parameter sweep Viewer