64-bit FDTD Simulation


Step Action
1 From the Simulation menu, select the “Simulate 3D using 64-Bit Simulator…” option. The 3D Simulation Parameters dialog box appears.
2 Click Run to start the simulation. The progress window appears, it displays the status of the simulations.
3 Visualization of intermediate simulation results.

•     When the Simulation Process window appears, from menu, select “Simulation ->Take Snapshot” menu option. The “Setting Snapshot” dialog box appears.

•     Click the Browse button to select the location of the output file.

•     Check the observation areas or observation points. The time domain response in the selected observation objects for the current time-step will be saved to the file

•     Click OK to close this dialog box.

•     Click the “Take Snapshot” button in the simulation progress dialog box to save the time domain response in the current displayed time step. Go to the folder where the snapshot is saved and with 2D or 3D Viewer observe the time domain response for a certain time step.

4 When the simulation is complete, click Yes to open the analyzer.