Step Action
1 From the Simulation menu, select Simulate 3D Using 64-bit Simulator.

The 3D Simulation Parameters dialog box. 3D simulation parameters dialog box ( Figure 3)

FDTD - Figure 3 3D Simulation parameters dialog box

Figure 3: 3D Simulation parameters dialog box

2 Uncheck Auto in the mesh parameters region, type the following values for the mesh size:

Mesh Delta X (mm): 0.025
Mesh Delta Y (mm): 0.025
Mesh Delta Z (mm): 0.025
3 To set up the boundary condition parameters, click Advanced. The Boundary Conditions dialog box appears (Figure 4). Type the following values for the boundary condition:

•     Boundary Condition


•     APML Calculation Parameters:

Anisotropic PML layer number:                     10

Theoretical Reflection Coefficient:                 1.0e-12

Real Anisotropic PML Tensor Parameter:     5

Power of grading Polynomial:                        3.5

FDTD - Figure 4 Boundary condition dialog box

Figure 4: Boundary condition dialog box

4 Set the Time Steps to 2400.
5 Set the Time Sampling Interval at 4.

Note: This is the time domain data sampling rate for spectrum analysis.

6 Click the “Spectrum” button to set the spectrum range (refer to Figure 5)

•     Set “Number of Samples” to 81,

•     Uncheck the “Auto” checkbox,

•     Check the “Use Wavelength” radio button

•     Set Start wavelength as 1.35um

•     Set end wavelength as 1.75um

•     and press Ok button to accept changes